CBL Foods (Pvt) Ltd - Ranala
Name of the client : CBL Foods (Pvt) Ltd (Ranala)
Description :
  • Design, Supply and Installation of ducted Fresh Air Inflow system for Conch Area and Chocolate Line Maudling area with sound-proof inline cabinet fans.
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Steam air extraction system for
    Jelly Cup plant with centrifugal fan
  • Supply & installation of mechanical roof fans, wall fans, ducted sound proof axial fan and Wind Turbine Ventilators for New plant and Jelly Cup plant
    ducting network in the jelly cup production area including return air grills to exhaust hot air.
Name of the client : CBL Natural Foods (Minuwangoda)
Description : Design, Supply & Installation of  Roof insulation and wind turbine ventilators for fruit preparation area
Name of the client : Plenty Foods (Kandy)
Description : Supply and installation roof extractor axial fans
Project Photos