Name of the client : Government Analyst Building - (Battaramulla)
Main Contractor : Analytical Instruments PVT Ltd
Consultant : CECB
Description :
  • Supply & installation of non corrosive backward curve centrifugal fans for hot fume extraction network from fume cupboards.
  • Supply and installation of polypropelene volume control damper for all fume extraction systems.
  • Supply and installation of over 900m of 225mm uPVC ducting network for hot fume extraction.
  • Designing, manufacturing and installation of uPVC mounting bracket, weather protection cowl and fan mounting structure.
  • Designing and installation of total electrical network for all fume extractor cupboards.
  • Supply and installation of the fresh air and exhaust ventilation system for firing range including ducted centrifugal backward curve silent box fans with automated filter alarm system.
Name of the client : Health Ministry - Drugs Stores at IDH
Main Contractor : Gunathilake Constructions PVT Ltd
Consultant : CECB
Description : Supply of anti-corrosive centrifugal fans for the supply of fresh air
Name of the client : Teaching Hospital, Kalutara
Main Contractor : Ruwan Trade Centre
Consultant : CECB
Description : Design, supply and installation of the kitchen extraction system using
Project Photos - Government Analyst Building
Kalutara Hospital