Racking Systems

We stand out in a crowded market place of aspirants and wannabe’s in the storage logistics trade, because of the sheer concentration of experience and expertise under a compact and pro-active corporate umbrella. Our highly qualified engineers excel at applications technology. True; we are blessed and backed up by an impressive array of suppliers from Germany and Malaysia, all of International standing with products to match International standards. However, successful design and implementation stems from the almost uncanny knack of choosing the appropriate product for a particular application, a knack that derives from years of experience

of providing myriad solutions to a host of challenging logistical road blocks. At OkMart the mantram of knowledge and experience is underpinned by meticulous attention to detail, No strut no beam, no nut, no bolt is under or over designed. Thus we are not only state of the art, we are also lean, mean, and cost effective, all attributes that will benefit mostly you the buyers.




We also provide racking design and installation services, steel structural mezzanine floors, conveyer systems, steel structural buildings, goods hoists, dock levelers, material handling equipment and turnkey projects. So whether you require to maximize your storage through optimum space utilization or delivery turnkey projects, we deliver systems and customized solutions that fit our customer’s needs.

 We offer new custom storage systems, mezzanine storage to increase the floor space, conveyer systems to improve & enhance your productivity, together as well as optimizing existing projects or offering solutions for new projects that allows you to get the best return on investment. The expertise of our strategic partners in the industry, gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we will get the job done right the first time. We offer expertise and solutions that are tailored to each of our customer’s needs. Our products are sustainably sourced from suppliers in Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, as well as India and China who guarantee the highest quality.