TT Pro


The TT PRO fans are featured with wide capabilities and high performance of axial and centrifugal fans and are specifically designed for supply and exhaust ventilation of premises requiring high pressure, powerful airflow, and low noise level. Exhaust ventilation systems based on the TT fans are the best solution for ventilation
of bathrooms and kitchens and other humid premises as well for ventilation of flats, cottages, shops, cafes, etc.

The fan casing is made of high quality and durable materials: ABS plastic for the TT series or low-flammable polypropylene for the TT PRO series. The removable impeller and motor block with a terminal box is fixed to the casing assembled with the spigots by means of special clamps with latches. This makes fan maintenance fast and easy. The fan maintenance does not require total disassembling. Just pull out the central block from the casing and

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